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Apr 15, 2020

We hope you all are being safe, staying home, and doing well during this crazy pandemic. Marcia and Carrie also hope that you have discovered the happy place that is Animal Crossing New Horizons. Recently released on the Nintendo Switch and bringing people a lot of happiness, stress relief, and casual fun. 

Episode 195 of The Mommy Gamers Podcast includes lots of Animal Crossing talk, fun working from home with kids stories, and Marcia ratting Carrie out for being a toilet paper hoarder. 

The ladies as always also discuss television shows, movies, PornHub offering premium access during the Coronavirus chaos, and many many other topics.

This is a longer than normal show and should help keep you all entertained and distracted for a bit. If you're new to The Mommy Gamers this is a good time to go back and catch up on all of the other 194 episodes. You'll love them for the titles alone. You're welcome.