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Oct 28, 2012

Alicia is back (no, not for good) she hangs out with Marcia and Desirai while they discuss important things like how much weight you lose when you take a dump, fun times at Halloween Horror Nights (even if Desirai showed up really late), and how much Desirai sucks for not being able to say what she was doing in L.A. The ladies give their weekly Breast Cancer Awareness tip, discuss the amazing fund raising efforts of Extra Life, and how you can still participate in Extra Life and hold your own gaming marathon!

Halloween is almost here and the ladies discuss the weird costumes their kids have come up with and how Marcia ended up as Stifler's Mom with a borrowed wig from a very famous drag queen. They hit the halfway mark on their book club book The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks, and we can't wait to be done to start talking about Christa Charter's new book . Somehow Desirai didn't know about Extreme Couponing, Marcia has never caught The Walking Dead, and they're not sure if they like American Horror Story or not.

Tune in next week for the owner of Fit Sexy Mom who will have some suggestions for how we can all get in shape and finish off 2012 strong.