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Mar 17, 2017

In Episode 159 the ladies kick things off with a fun St. Patrick’s Day intro compliments of their newest writer, Brooke Pratt.  Carrie locks the St. Paddy’s Day theme in by discussing her Irish heritage, Marcia gets really excited about corned beef and cabbage, and Desirai has plans to celebrate her twelfth dating anniversary with her husband John.  Gaming talk this week includes the newly released to consoles LEGO Worlds game, The ABC Murders based on The Agatha Christie’s novel of the same name, and Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.

Marcia chats about Hater Dating, a new dating site that connects people based on their mutual loathing of things.  Desirai discovers Whoa, a fun app that helps you connect to the world in an interactive way.  The Vampire Diaries Series Finale chat gives Carrie and Desirai a chance to reminisce and say goodbye to the show…hopefully forever. (Marcia did not type this) Listen for all this and so much more in their latest content packed podcast. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!