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Mar 11, 2017

In Episode 158 Carrie, Marcia, and Desirai chat about the Xbox Games Pass coming later this spring. Is this something new and amazing, or are there enough services out there already doing the whole pay to play for an epic library of games thing already? Desirai and Marcia both picked up the Mass Effect Cards Against Humanity deck and share some of the cards with everyone. Carrie brings up fake camel toe underwear in our "Bright Ideas" segment, and Marcia tosses in something about how everyone is licking their Nintendo Switch cartridges.

With Carrie just a few weeks away from introducing a new baby girl into her family, she's been forced to enjoy a lot of movies and TV shows. So she tells everyone about Arrival, Denial, and her second round of watching Parks and Recreation. The show is rounded off nicely with some amazing listener questions.