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Nov 1, 2012

Marcia and Desirai have decided to try and get into better shape in November. Holly from Fit Sexy Mom joins them this week with some great tips and tools to help them on their journey. Holly dishes out some attainable goals, recommends some stimulating cardio, and makes Marcia laugh until she cries. They talk about an Asian man who divorced his wife for being ugly, Disney buying out LucasFilm, and how to handle your sassy mouthed kids. The girls give American Horror Story one last shot, and remind everyone to check the website for the rules for this weekend's round of Magic Mike Sexy Movie Drinky Drinky.

The planned gaming discussions got pushed aside as the girls go off on wild tangents about botox, trucker thighs, and things we probably shouldn't mention in this description. You'll just have to listen. Remember to tune in next week when the ladies have Christa Charter back on the show to discuss her new book, Schooled - Lexy Cooper Mystery #1. Grab your copy on November 6th so you can follow along.