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Aug 23, 2016

This week Desirai and Carrie were joined by Emma Larkins, player relations lead for Blade Ballet at DreamSail games. They talk about Blade Ballet, Pokemon, Ghostbusters, Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, Steven's Universe and much more.

Aug 10, 2016

This week the ladies are joined by Dan Hammill aka Greenskull, the founder of Ready Up Live. They talk about PokemonGo (of course), 100 layers of... videos, YouTube, Animal Crossing amiibo support, Card Wars, The Secret Worlds, and more.

Aug 3, 2016

The announcement of Channing Tatum starring as a mermaid in a gender-flipped remake of ’80s movie, "Splash" inspired Carrie, Desirai, and Marcia to record a rare quickie podcast episode. Listen as the ladies gush over this "fantastic tale about a fantastic tail". They also chat about celebrities they would cast as...