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Sep 23, 2014

After fighting for control of the google doc the ladies talk about Infamous First Light, Destiny, GlomTom, SIMS 4, the tampon game, FitBitZip, Hello Fresh, Ghost Busters 3, Cards Against Humanity expansions, Lego beats Barbie and more. This one is kind of long so grab a glass of wine, put your feet up and get...

Sep 16, 2014

This week the girls talk about arthritis, Guacamelee, Robert Workman, Divergent, Hunger Games, Napa Valley, a new diet bet, weird foods, upcoming Mario Kart DLC, and stuff and things and yeah... just listen. 

Sep 5, 2014

This week the ladies get together to discuss Assassin's Creed 4, P.T., Warlords of Draneor, Guild Wars 2, subscription services, Final Card, child leashes (again?), and a lot of interesting info on the ALS ice bucket challenge. 

Sep 1, 2014

This week Marcia aims to please with lots of lame 69 jokes. The ladies discuss Games Con, Skyrim, Diablo III, failing at diet bets, R2 Beer2, and the sad and unforgettable loss of Robin Williams. Tune in for the mutual love and fun.