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Jul 29, 2013

In this trainwreck of an episode Marcia and Desirai are once again joined by Dani Sterling. They go "naked" with no show notes and talk about Neverwinter, Say The Same Thing, gambling children, foot fetishes, inappropriate cardio suggestions for My Fitness Pal, and lord knows what else. Tune in to find out.

Jul 22, 2013

This week the ladies get together to discuss The Last of Us, Animal Crossing, Super Mario 3D Land, Hotline Miami, the Sims official magazine, Ellen Page, breast implant ruptures, bad reality tv, and the dietbet Marcia has challenged Desirai to. Who are YOU betting on?

Also, beware of Elaine's random f-bomb. You've been...

Jul 10, 2013

This week Marcia and Desirai are joined by Elaine! Yay! The ladies talk about The Last of Us, Remember Me, Rayman Origins, Xbox One no longer requiring a constant connection, the Nintendo E3 Best Buy event, giving up cheese, and visiting an amusement park with three kids. There's probably more, but you'll have to listen...